Tapmydata FAQ’s

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What is the Glitch?

The Glitch is your key to web3 data mobility and access token to current and future rewards within the TAP ecosystem. We encourage you to mint your Glitch ID so you can start earning a passive income for your data.

What is V2?

V2 is our updated application that connects the whole ecosystem together, allowing for more details to be filled out in the data locker, a link to your Glitch ID, and an encrypted communication channel between data buyers and you to start earning a universal data income.

How do V2 and The Glitch work together?

Tapmydata uses both in combination to create an encrypted communication channel between data buyers and you with your custom details in the data locker.

How do I start earning?

You will need to download Tapmydata V2, create an account and your Glitch ID… it’s really that simple!

How much does it cost to mint my TAP Glitch?

The current cost is approx 5 MATIC.

Will you be adding more companies to the data channels?

Yes definitely! The ones you currently see are our launch partners but there will be many mroe to come as we progress throughout the year.

Why don’t you have more companies in the app?

Currently what we have is just some of our launch partners, however we will be adding more and more companies to the list who wish to partner with us.

What network is Tapmydata V2 and The Glitch on?

We are currently using the Polygon network!

Do you have a video guide on how to mint my Glitch ID?

Yes of course, you can check out the video on how to mint your Glitch ID here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAOuqNw7CRI

How is The Glitch different?

One of the key features that sets Tapmydata apart is the ability to allow users a simple choice of what data they want to license.

Do I have to share my data?

You share as much data as you feel comfortable. The more data you will out in your data locker, the more TAP you will receive for doing so.

How do these data channels work?

Both you or the company requesting data can stop the communication at any time so you are not bound to keep contributing if you no longer feel comfortable.

Do I have to take a picture of myself for my Glitch ID?

The Glitch will pull from your camera, however you can aim it at whatever you want, its your Glitch ID so get creative.

Can I trade my Glitch ID on the open marketplace?

Every NFT will be user data specific and hold valuable information. Glitch contracts will be discoverable, but won’t allow trading of these NFTs. In other words, they can’t be swapped, sold on, and used for spoofing or other shifty practices involving identity theft.

What if I have suggestions?

Thank you for downloading Tapmydata. We hope you enjoy using it. Tapmydata will only be as good as the quality of the feedback we have from our users so we are keen to hear what you think. If you have any suggestions or feedback around the Tapmydata app, please send an email to support@tapmydata.com

How secure is the Tapmydata app?

Tapmydata maintains the appropriate technical and organisational measures to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal data such as the highest levels of encryption technology. Because we don’t hold or collect your personal data, any information is encrypted minimising any risk to your personal data and privacy. Data is encrypted with a set of keys and ciphers equal to those of banks and the military and we only store the minimum of data required to provide our services.

Is there a cost to use the app?

To download and start using the app there is no cost, however minting your Glitch ID will cost you Matic tokens on the Polygon network.

What is my data locker?

Your data locker is the place where you store your personal details. We don’t store a copy of your personal details. We advise you to setup pin authentication to ensure your data locker is secure.

What are your social media channels?

Website, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, YouTube

How do I delete my account?

If you are a Tapmydata app user we don’t hold any information on you so whilst you might have an account on your phone any data that is held on our system is encrypted and is unreadable once you delete your app.

Where are the servers you use based?

We use cloud based hosting provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) based in London UK.