Tap: New release v1.3

–– 12 Mar 2019

πŸŽ‰ Hot on the heels of our previous release we are excited to announce our latest version (v1.3) of Tap.

This was mainly a release to serve the needs of organisations. Our end-to-end encryption means that we do not have access to any of the data on our platform, only you the user of the app and the target company of a request can see the data. This requires a key pair on your device and a key pair for the company. The key pair of the company is protected by a team passphrase. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the team passphrase that meant organisations had recorded the wrong passphrase. Consequently, the data they had been sent was unreadable. To resolve this (and also to allow for it being lost, or forgotten in the future) we had to add a reset capability for the company.

πŸ” A company can now reset their team passphrase. This is an irreversible action and it means any old requests can’t be read, as such, if this is done by a company that is dealing with one of your requests you will need to re-submit the request. We send out a notification to anyone affected by this and give them an easy button to resubmit the request.

On a lighter note, we also took the opportunity to add some more emojis to the category listing!

Screenshot showing homepage of the Tap mobile app

This release also included dozens of minor improvements and stability fixes.πŸ› 

The next release is coming within the next couple of weeks and contains a big new feature that we think will help shift things away from simple privacy compliance, towards driving a positive data dialogue between consumers and companies. Watch this space! πŸ‘€

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