DOVU joins as first Tapmydata platform partner

–– 13 Jan 2022

We’re very excited to announce that DOVU is the first partner to come on to the Tapmydata platform.

There’s been much discussion about how crypto needs to be more green, and carbon offsetting is one of the most valuable tools available to achieve this. 

That’s where DOVU comes in. Its calculator and marketplace help crypto holders work out their wallets’ carbon footprints – and then buy verified carbon offsets to reduce their carbon debt.  

How does this work? Tapmydata app users can now join the DOVU channel within the app – and share their name, email and Twitter handle to earn DOV tokens. 

They can also choose to earn DOV tokens by using DOVU’s Carbon Calculator to calculate their crypto wallet carbon footprint monthly. This is done automatically through Tapmydata’s integration with MetaMask. 

Users must spend 1 TAP in order to join the DOVU channel – and there are 1,000 seats available. 

Users can sign up to Tapmydata by visiting or downloading the Tapmydata app – using their MetaMask wallet. After paying 5 MATIC to mint their Glitch, they earn the equivalent value of TAP in return.

Visit this article to learn more about the release of the new Tapmydata v2 beta app.

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