Case Study: Church of Scotland leads the way for Covid19 best practice in security and privacy of parishioners with Tapmydata

–– 29 Oct 2020

The Church of Scotland is one of the largest religious organisations in the country with over 330,000 members, and people regularly involved in 1,000 local congregations and groups.

As a pillar of society and trusted custodian of much special category data for so many people, the Church faced a challenge to re-open after Covid lockdown was lifted in Scotland and elsewhere. Educating stakeholders on their responsibilities for safeguarding and contact tracing and keep people’s details safe from loss or misuse. 

Since July, Tapmydata provides the Church of Scotland with a check-in solution for their congregations and data protection team. The Tapmydata mobile app, used by people to check-in, and the online portal, where churches manage check-ins, has been rolled out to churches across Scotland, with hundreds of people checking in using a unique QR code system.

“We needed a system which was as secure as possible, where the company involved had experience of handling personal data. The origins of Tapmydata in handling DSARs was very attractive in this regard”

Allan Simpson, Data Protection Officer

Download and read the full case study below

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