Meet the team

Our people. Out to shake things up. Taking on data tyrants and shifty megacorps the world over. Acclaimed experts in priv tech, mobile and blockchain. United by a single-minded mission to place personal data back in the hands of those who created it.

Luke Judge LinkedIn


Armed with a wealth of experience in marketing and business, Luke brings an abundance of knowledge to ensure successful growth of anything he touches. His expertise is sought across the industry, as both a speaker at conferences and as a judge for digital marketing awards.

Tom Holder LinkedIn


Got the chops. Makes things happen. Comes with a penchant for the pioneering. Loves a start-up and a seamless software solution. Blockchain specialist in recent times. Let’s face it: that’s where it’s at.

Irfon Watkins LinkedIn


Chilled on the outside, yet prone to upstart punk thoughts  intertwined with a deep-seated desire to use tech to benefit everyone. Highly entrepreneurial. Prefers action to perfectionism.

Big DOVU enthusiast.

Riku Särkinen LinkedIn


A chilled-out challenge champion. Cracks stacks. Codes like a dream. Was agile before agile was even a thing. Currently focused on building a dazzling development team.

Krasina Mileva LinkedIn


Knows the law. Is the law. Has worked in tall shiny towers. Has also done her own thing. Once launched a construction company in Belgium. True. Hugely into data protection. Co-founded DOVU too.

Jelena Keatley LinkedIn


Pulls the strings. Powers the platforms. Vastly experienced at creating vibrant crypto communities. Knows the industry inside out. Works similar magic at DOVU.

Dominic Mann LinkedIn


Brimming with youth, energy and an armoury of pithy anecdotes on cloud-based crypto solutions. Rockin’ the blockchain. Feeds our community with its soul food.

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